About BOTA

BOTA APP is a meeting point for Securely Verified Automobile Service Providers and Car Owners.

We have provided this safe and secure platform for Vehicle owners to meet up with automobile service providers at their point of breakdown or location of choice. The solution works with Google map API that gives an accurate geographical location of the Service providers you need for your car problems.

Your first step is to download our App.

We shall give you a portable Diagnostic Scanner that connects to your phone to notify you when your engine suspects a fault. It is wise to know the fault before you meet the Mechanic, it saves time & money.(Its less than half the price you found on Amazon if you are a BOTA subscriber)


  1. Get up to 30% discount on all services
  2. Get help in less than 10 minutes
  3. Get a Towing Vehicle 5 minutes away from your breakdown location
  4. Get your engine replaced and pay later if it knocks suddenly (2 months old members only)
  5. Get an emergency complimentary car to drive for a low fee/day if fixing your car will take longer
  6. Pick up a luxury car from the Airport when on a business trip outside your state or residence (Terms & Conditions Applies).
  7. Enjoy VVIP Lounge services at major Airports as a PLATINUM member of BOTA CLUB
  8. Pre-Pay small-small for servicing your car or renewing your vehicle particulars as little as N500 anytime you feel like.
  9. Get huge discount from our partnering hotels nationwide.
  10. Get a free monthly check-up on your car performance .